“This is my dear daughter. She has been a student of Meditation and Spirituality right from her childhood.”

“Throughout her life, she has impeccably trained herself in all aspects of SpirituoScientific Temper and Enlightenment. She is a great example of a harmonious combination of a perfect material life and a perfect spiritual life. She is a typical Pyramid Master of The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, India!”

“She is rightly placed to lead the whole of mankind.. East or West. She is eminently capable of giving right guidance in the technique of Anapanasati Meditation and in all the general spirituo-scientific methods. All-round achievements and successes are normal for any spiritual master.”

– Brahmarshi Patriji, India

If you are looking to create abundance in your life, Pari is your girl! She is so kind, tender and caring in her teaching. Believe me when I say she will get you the results you desire! She is AMAZING!!!

– Roxanne Dashnaw, USA

Pari is absolutely amazing! Her energy is filled with so much love and understanding. Working with her helped me find some clarity on my blocks and how to overcome them through amazing spiritual and holistic modalities. She truly made my transformations to overcome anxiety and overwhelm feel so easy. Your future self will love you for working with her. You will love every minute of it!

– Courtney Chapman, TX USA

“Cosmic Moon is such an inspiration. Her approach lets you know you are not alone, especially in how you feel and what stops you from leaving a career that isn’t fulfilling you. She helps you to understand that others are interested in what you do and how you do it and that by not sharing your gifts you are stopping others from stepping into their dream. You will discover you can take the leap and know you will be fine. You will become excited to share your gift with the world. It’s time to take the leap.”
– Anissa Aumont, Canada

“If you’re in a life that isn’t fulfilling you, is leaving you feeling stuck, overwhelmed or maybe even burnt out, then you need to talk with Cosmic Moon. She completely understands that as she went through it and she took the leap, leaving her unfulfilling life behind to step into the life of her dreams. She is inspiring and gets things in a way that will really have you seeing your life very differently and to find the courage to step into the life you desire. Live your dream life, Cosmic Moon can help you make the leap. Ask her about the leap she made.”

– Lynda Gera, CA

“Not clear on what your purpose is? Or how to get it? If you are feeling stuck, Cosmic Moon will show you how to open doors that you may think are closed to you. She will guide you through a process to discover what really has meaning for you, what is important and what isn’t and how to overcome that voice in your head that tells you ‘you’re not enough’. She will help you to believe in yourself so that you feel empowered and inspired to look after ‘Me First’. When you learn that you will understand this is key to transforming your life and living your dream. Empower yourself and live your dream, work with Cosmic Moon.”
– Sharon Himelhoch – MI, USA

“Immediately when speaking with Cosmic Moon, you can tell that she just wants what’s best for you and for you to achieve success and have the life of your dreams. Since she’s done it herself, she’s an amazing role model for getting there. No matter what you’ve been through, or where you’re going, working with cosmic moon is the best choice for guidance and spiritual direction that you could possibly make.”

– Glenna Mageau, Canada

“Working with Cosmic Moon has been a life changing opportunity. I came to her uncertain of what I really wanted which led me to doubting my own abilities and feeling lost. After working with her, I regained my power back through strengthening my inner voice, becoming more decisive and allowing myself to continue on the path I was meant to fulfil. This has led me to feel more fulfilled and empowered as a woman and an entrepreneur. Thank you, Cosmic Moon, for being such a strong presence in my life!”
– Jacqueline Chan – Italy

“Pari, Pari, Pari…what can I say about my time with Pari – – – ENLIGHTENING! Her passion for true spiritual development and discovery is not only contagious.. it is inspiring! She speaks with such softness and heart, that you immediately feel a connection beyond the physical. It is so appropriate that she calls herself and her business Cosmic Moon, because you can literally feel yourself drawn away from your earthly concerns, cares and fears and transformed into the very being you are divinely meant to be. It is easy to forget just how divine and gifted I am when I get into my own head, fears and ego, and with Pari’s gentle manner and guidance, I felt a release of old patterns, beliefs, and ways of being that no longer serve me on my highest levels. She makes me want to do better because I immediately feel better and lighter! She is definitely a soul sister and I would highly recommend Pari and her heart-centered, energetic coaching to anyone needing to get out of their own heads, achieve true and lasting change from the inside (core of your being) out, and want to break free from old beliefs that are holding you and your spirit back from achieving all this life has to offer. She reminds you that you are worth it, you can do it and provides a safe environment to grow into your new self so you can rock your gifts out of this world! It was my pleasure to meet her, know her and work with her! My only question now is – what are YOU waiting for??? She is amaze-balls!”

– Dorci Hill, Texas

“My first time to meet Pari was at a Meditation class. She lead the class with love and compassion. Her energy surrounds you. Her space was absolutely peaceful and calm. She is a powerful Spiritual Coach and amazing Energy healer, I knew as soon I met Pari I was with a true healer. On the other hand, I was struggling with some personal matters, she guided me to see my own inner light and helped me overcome my fear and my self limiting beliefs. She really released the emotional blocks that I had, also I felt more confident to move forward. Her genuine and loving way of working is simple, straightforward, honest and soul moving. Not only is she focused, accurate and powerful in her work, she is genuinely devoted to her clients’ well being and life journeys.”

– Marlen Squires, Maryland

“Cosmic Moon’s dynamic energy is uplifting and invigorating. Talking to Cosmic Moon about my greatest desires and goals charges me up with renewed enthusiasm and a deep confidence in my own self worth and true path. Cosmic Moon is a powerfully compassionate and wise woman, who has lifted me up to believe that my true spiritual path will be my most successful and joyous path. During and after my energy healing with Cosmic Moon I felt relieved of the heaviness of daily life, fresh, renewed and joyously invigorated.”

– Julia B, Utah

“Wow, Pari’s energy healing was amazingly powerful. While working with Pari, I received a download of unconditional love and an immense sense of inner peace that has carried over into my daily life. Pari was able to release an energy block in my system that has been with me for years. She was also able to transmit a very accurate and relevant message from a relative. The results I got from working with Pari far exceeded my expectations! I feel so blessed to have received this gift of healing and light. Pari’s energy work will work wonders for anyone ready to open up and receive their highest good. Thank you Pari!!”

Chana Tolchin -California

“The distance healing session I had with Pari was nothing short of phenomenal! I could feel the energy moving through my body as she worked on me. I felt the things that needed to be released out my feet, and what’s more, I could see clearly the old and outdated wounds that were no longer serving me. I was then able to let them go without hesitation. I felt a clearing in my heart and saw her pouring white light all over me. Throughout the session I saw healing in specific areas and in specific ways that was confirmed after the session via our phone call. Because I am able to astral project, I went and sat with her for a bit as she did the work, and she held such an intense focus, I was amazed. Later she sent me a picture of the grid she had created for me and the room looked as I had seen it in my projection. This added (as if needed) even a more intense affirmation of how much dedication and love she was putting into her work. I was able to release so much emotional wounding that I had been holding onto for years, and I was finally able to have a wonderful releasing cry that I had been stifling for so long. The way she worked with such loving dedication on each of my energy centers was truly mind-blowing! I really appreciated how much care she took to speak with my higher self while clearing, ensuring that I was okay with the work she was doing, and holding back or moving forward as necessary. That trust is so important to have with the person doing your healing work, and I now understand that even more than ever! I am so grateful for the work she did for me and with me. I am looking forward to having another soon, and my husband is wanting one now as well! One of the best things that Pari did for me was to give me advice on how to continue to work on some of the areas that need more dedication and love directed towards them. I have read many books, taken many classes, and meditated on healing modalities for a long time, and yet she gave me some expert advice I had never heard of nor considered. I feel so blessed to have had such a gentle and loving yet thorough healing session with someone whose clairvoyant capabilities are so inspired! Thank you, Pari, beautiful Soul, for this amazing work you do and for contributing it to the world!”

-Freedom Vidrine, Texas
“I want to share my experience with Pari when I took her 90 day program. I was in a place where I felt really stuck and wasn’t sure how to move forward, after taking Pari’s program she really guided me on how to incorporate meditation and other healing modalities that were amazing! Thank you so much Pari for your guidance and for all the wonderful tools you taught me to improve my life!”
– Tara McBride, Colorado

“Pari is a gifted healer and coach that helped me to shift my vibration. She helped me to let go of what’s holding me back. She taught me tools for letting go, especially with dealing with my family. Pari helped me to realize that I have a greater purpose and calling in life. I recommend the 90-Day program to anyone who wants to attract abundance into their lives and erase their unhealthful family beliefs on scarcity. You truly do ignite your cosmic abundance and realize that you are capable of so much abundance. Pari is gentle and kind. Her energy is calming yet powerful. She is truly amazing to work with.”

-Anjela Ford, Canada

“Pari is a sensational, empowering coach and healer. During my healing session she was able to easily intuit areas in need of energetic reboot, strengthening and transmuting all energy blockages with her formidable skills and knowledge. Her technique includes developing a deep, soul-level connection with the client and acting as a catalyst for the release of fears and was able to assist me greatly in opening up to my own infinite powers of healing and manifestation.”

– Amy Ross, New York

“Pari is such a beautiful soul and a very gifted healer. I have worked with many healers in the past and received a lot of sessions. Working with Pari was truly special. The moment she touched me I felt immediately calmer. Her hands are very special. She has magical fingers that know exactly where to go and how long to stay there and just the right pressure to apply. Pari is extremely skilled at what she does. I highly recommend a session with Pari if you are seeking healing, guidance, or just simply looking to feel better, balanced and more whole!”

– Nina Hamouda, Los Angeles, CA

“Pari is an extraordinarily gifted mindset coach with the ability to liberate her clients from the old, outdated mindsets that trap them. I found Pari at a crucial time in my life where I was struggling with a lot of self-limiting beliefs that held me back. I was stuck in the fear of following my passion on what seemed like a path that was not safe or secure. When I started working with Pari, Pari immediately helped me clear the energetic blocks that were holding me back. She helped me replace my limiting belief of “I am not worthy” to “I am totally worthy of living a life of passion and financial freedom.” Pari also gave me some amazing meditations that I have listened to consistently to help reset my vibration. Through the combination of Pari’s energy sessions, new affirmations, and meditations, I have been able to turn around my vibration and break through my blocks to success with this new spiritual foundation. I am now on track to living my purpose and passion! I couldn’t have done it without Pari’s help. Pari’s program will work magic for anyone who has a big dream but is struggling to make it reality. Pari is a coach who literally does everything she can to help, throwing all her energy into her clients ultimate success, leaving no stone unturned. Pari would not stop our work together until she was satisfied that all my blocks were fully released! I have never met such a talented healer who ALSO cares so much!!”


“I was at rock bottom. After a head injury and years of constant pain, doctors told me I’d never work. I was in isolation for 8 months, not leaving my house, in an abusive relationship and living on disability. I was totally in the dark. I felt unworthy of anything good, constantly guilty, and honestly, suicidal. One day I noticed my grandchildren were getting older. I thought, “I’m missing out on them. I need to find a way out of this dark place.” But it wasn’t until New Years 2018 that I knew enough was enough. I decided it was time to start putting myself first, and discovering who I really was. In February, I woke up with this strange inner knowing that in September that year, everything was going to change for me. So strange but I knew it. I first met Pari for a meditation session. I couldn’t believe it, but on that very next day, the chronic headache I’d had for four years was totally gone! Later, I joined the 8 week Conscious Creators Mastermind. EVERYTHING TRANSFORMED! I learned to cut my energetic cords with negative people, and now I finally believe in myself. I’ve learned to be a positive light, pouring my energy out into the world – I don’t fear people anymore! I know how to overcome negative thoughts and fears, and now I can push forward on my path. I manifested a house and got a new full time job, I’m much happier, and now I’m on the road to getting my first book published! Thanks to the work I’ve done with Pari, unlocking my inner power, I’m making it happen!”

– Zebra Barker

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